Pulling Weeds

window-boxThat window gets smaller every year – that time between the excitement of spring planting and the heat of summer bringing pervasive weeds.

This year the window was particularly small.  Seems like we waited forever for summer to get here, and suddenly the weeds have taken over the garden.

I headed out this morning, spade in hand, to perch on my little stool, and begin a little garden therapy.   The tomatoes, herbs and pumpkins are being taken over because of neglect.  More garden counseling sessions are in store.

As I started pulling, I went for the biggest weeds.  By pulling the largest weeds first, it made the task less daunting.  The big weeds make it look like there are more renegades in the garden than there really are.

The big stuff magnified all the little stuff.

Once the big ones were out of the way, it seemed like the job was more manageable.

I can’t yank at those big ones.  I have to work at them, and tease out the root, so I get the whole plant.  It’s best if I wet the soil first.

There’s prep work involved.  But if I do the prep work, the job is much easier.

I’m pretty good at tuning everything out while pulling weeds.  My mind is free to wander where it will.  I noticed how pulling the big weeds in the garden is a lot like dealing with the big issues in my life.  If I take care of the big stuff, the little stuff seems less overwhelming.

The big issues make the smaller issues seem more difficult than they are.

There’s a sense of accomplishment when I successfully go after the big things.  I build momentum, and start raking up all the little stuff.

With some serious prepping and laying of  groundwork, I managed to pull the big weed in my life.  Now, the little issues don’t seem like problems anymore.

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