A couple days before Thanksgiving, I called Mark to explain that the kids weren’t ready for a visit at his house.   The first thing out of his mouth was, “What’s that about?”

I sighed and said, “The phone calls are going well.  They just aren’t up for hanging at your place yet.  When they went to dinner at the restaurant with you last week, they felt completely left out of the conversation.”

He laughed and said, “That’s ridiculous.  The whole conversation was directed at them.  It’s all about Jen and Will right now.”

I said I was sorry, but that they asked me to deliver the message that they wouldn’t be going to his house.

Then, out of habit, I said, “Happy Thanksgiving.”  I didn’t say it to be snarky, sarcastic or snide.  It’s a custom in our culture.  That’s what people say this time of year.


He answered with, “Thank you.”





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  1. He just can’t help himself, can he . . .

  2. Au contraire… he’s ALL about helping himself.

    But I know what you mean. ;)

  3. Is the problem no real social skills? Because he doesn’t really do “manners” or “friendly gestures”.

  4. Kate,

    You made an interesting point, and brought something to my attention that I hadn’t really thought about.

    How is it possible to be both charming and dismissive at the same time? Is that another hallmark of narcissism?

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