Surviving Nicely – 2

It feels good typing the title of this post.

I hope you like Fritos.  We’re also serving lemonade because, well, we have all those lemons.  I have to enjoy a little wine on a birthday.  Jenny is throwing confetti.  Will is tech decking in the background.

And there’s gratitude flowing through the room

It’s the 2nd birthday here at

I don’t know how it happened.

Yes!  We’ve journeyed through another year on this blog.

Dare I say, we’re getting pretty good at this whole surviving thing and it appears we may be turning the corner on Thriving! (Check out the comment section in the post, The Dresses.

The following are links to some of my favorite posts from the last year, in no particular order.

The Paper Chair – Because some days we need a little help making it through.

Middle-Of-The-Night Musings – Because it’s time we started being nicer to ourselves.

On Writing, the Universe, and Whiplash – Because creativity is only a little about us.

“Honey, Your Dad Lacks Empathy – Because kids want to know why.

The Universe and Lima Beans – Because the Universe gives us signs for a reason.

The Fire Tender – Because I won’t let this happen to my kids.

I Am The Protector – Because it’s my job as their mom.

Dear Dad – Because narcissists leave big messes in their wakes.

The Filing Cabinet – Because it’s good to get rid of the baggage.

Here’s a link to the post from the first birthday – Surviving Nicely.  That post also highlights some favorites from the first year on the blog.

I can’t write this post without thinking of all the wise people who comment here.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it many more times… the healing that my little family has experienced in the last two years is partly because of the wise words that these folks have left in the comment section.

We can’t thank you enough.

Will is passing out more Fritos, Jenny is pouring the Lemonade, I’m picking confetti out of my Cabernet, and we couldn’t be happier.

Thanks for joining us.

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  1. Happy Birthday! Cheers to many more! :D

  2. And just think – you could have shelled out a few pennies to a certified counselor. And we’re all just – you know – “certified ” … ;o)

  3. Zaira,


    Oops, sorry about that confetti in your hair. ;)

  4. Pat,

    Yes, indeed! I owe you all. ;)

    More Fritos?

  5. Awww…sorry I missed the actual day! But I believe in celebrating my birthday for at least a week, sometimes a month.

    So let the celebrations continue!

    Delighted to be part of this online family. You have such a wonderful way about you, Jesse. I’m honored to know you!

  6. Donna,

    Your comment makes me think I ought to be serving cake. Secretly, I was saving cake – a dense chocolate with a chocolate mascarpone filling – for when the book is done.

    Would you take a balloon instead?

    You know, Donna, this site wouldn’t be what it is without your comments.

  7. Well, color me ing’nant :) I don’t know what mascarpone is, but if it is preceded by the word chocolate, I’m sure it will be just delicious!

    I also adore balloons, fireworks, parades, marching bands, flowers…the list goes on.

    Yeah, just give me a topic, and I’ve got a comment. :) (Thanks for the warm fuzzy).

  8. Donna,

    Oh, Honey, if you like cream cheese, you ought to try mascarpone. Mascarpone is cream cheese’s sweeter, velvetier, sexier cousin. I love it on toast with way to much raspberry preserve.

    Oh, speaking of flowers, don’t you have a birthday coming up?

  9. Try making a cheesecake with mascarpone! Yummmmmm…

  10. Zaira,

    Will wants a cheesecake for his birthday. Excellent idea!

  11. Jesse,

    Congratulations and Happy Birthday to the blog and you and your kids!!! Also, congratulations on your book release!!! That is fabulous; what an accomplishment!!

    I cannot thank you enough for your beautiful writings, sense of humor, and compassion. Your writings have helped me and lifted my spirits so much since I found your blog. Thank you!

    I hope you have been celebrating non-stop. I have been offline lately more than usual so I missed the actual date.

    Be well . . . and we will all “keep going.”

  12. Hi Lynn,

    I hope all is well with you and yours.

    Thanks so much for the good wishes.

    We did run out of cake, but we are riding high on the thrill of accomplishment. Took the weekend to get away and play with Grandma and Grandpa – fun and relaxing.

    Thanks for writing. ;)

  13. way to go, You go girl. thank you for all the thoughtful insights you give us and the way you express them

  14. Hey Mike,

    Thanks for writing – and reading. ;)

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