What Change Feels Like

Change feels like the steady slow creep to the crest of the roller coaster hill, the brief pause before the crazy descent and the exhilaration that comes from having the guts to go, without the throwing up after.

Change feels like the warmth coming from the wood stove after splitting and stacking the wood and cleaning the chimney – the warmth that comes from self-sufficiency and independence.

Change feels like that pair of jeans that fits your figure and makes you feel good about yourself, even if there are parts of you that you’d just as soon forget about.

Change feels like the time you had the courage to raise your hand because you knew the answer, having been called on, and being right.

Change feels like knowing something –  down to your bones:  the directions to your brother’s house in a city you visit once a year; the memorized recipe for brownies you make from scratch when that craving for chocolaty decadence takes over; the friend you can call at whatever hour because you both are always there for each other.

Change feels like expansion – the filling up of the whole space given to you in your form on this planet.  No excuses.  No justifications.  No apologies.

Change is the gentle realization that you are entitled to your opinion and the graceful expression of your opinion.

Change is in accepting the way of things and understanding that if you don’t like that way, you can go your own way.

Change feels like that first bite of goulash after a day of skiing when you forgot how old you are and remembered what it was like to laugh out loud and not care if anyone was watching.

Change feels like that moment when he asks you a question, looks in your eyes and listens to your response without interrupting; and you have the confidence to answer without feeling like you are imposing.

Change feels like letting go of letters full of false promises, pictures of what-if futures and modes of thinking that kept you complacent.

Change feels like the smile that comes to your face when you list the things you are grateful for.

Change feels like the pat on the back you give yourself when you take the time to look at where you were three years ago and chart the progress made since.

Change feels like growth – stretching for more, reaching out, embracing all that has come before and the sparkling optimism about what lies ahead.



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  1. Perfect timing and wonderfully encouraging message! Change is good.

  2. Meredith,

    Thanks for checking in.

    Wishing you healthy/happy outcomes with your upcoming changes.

  3. Love this! I look forward to that “comfortable in my own skin” feeling. I’m getting closer. :)

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