They Have Narcissism Radar

“Hercules was a big strong guy with long wavy hair.  Personally, I think he was a narcissist.” (The answer to one of her worksheet questions on Greek and Roman Mythology.)

“Mom, I’m positive Marie Antoinette was a narcissist – look at this picture.  She ordered a special palace to be built, just for her.”

“Who did Napoleon think he was, anyway?”

While watching the Grammys: “Mom, do you notice that it’s not about the music, it’s all about what they look like?  Do you have to be a narcissist to make it in music?”


They See Narcissism Everywhere

“Mom, do you figure only narcissists drive Escalades.  That name just sounds narcissistic.”

“Male lions have to be narcissists, why else do they sit around preening and expecting everyone to adore them?”

“Mom, don’t you think irises are narcissists?  Just look at ’em.  They stand up taller than the other flowers and then they die fast if they are neglected.”

“Mom, I love peacocks, but they act like narcissists.”




“Mom, you know all the Disney Princesses are narcissists, right?  Cinderella is the worst.  She’s always standing in front of the other princesses fanning out her dress to hide the dresses of the other princesses.”  (You can’t make this stuff up.)

“Mom, do you think Tiger Woods is a narcissist?  Why else would he act that way on the course and treat his wife the way he did?”


Even cakes can be narcissists.  “Does that cake really need that much frosting and decorating?  It’s screaming for attention.  It has to be a narcissistic cake.”

“Mom, you can tell from the outside of a building, if a store caters to narcissists.”


When it comes to the necessary tools for surviving narcissism, their narcissism radar may be the most effective.









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  1. Lol! That made me smile. I love kids because they are not afraid to put it out there… (shhh… I do the same thing)

  2. Z,

    That’s one of the many things I love about you! ;)

  3. Awww..thanks! I love you too.
    Let’s hope I can keep it appropriate when I am in court for contempt…hahaha! I can see it now… “Your honor, Mr. X (cough ((NARCISSIST)) has falsely accused me of denying visitation…” Well, good thing is that the contempt I filed on him will be heard the same day! Yippee! I hope I don’t confuse who is the defendant (it is me) ha!

  4. Z,

    Do you ever have fantasies about screaming in the court room – spewing all the things you’d like the world to know about the narcissist?

    My favorite fantasy is taking out an ad in the local paper to write an expose about my ex. Of course then he’d lose all his customers and I’d succeed in shooting myself in the foot.

    Karma requires a helluva lot of patience.

    On that note…. enjoy your weekend! ;)

  5. Yes! All the time! I may have told you this already, but our last mediation was with the court of appeals. He was appealing the custody settlement. Anyway, part of their process is to have us file a confidential questionnaire on our opinions about why this appeal exists, what the mediators should expect from the opposing party, what has worked in the past for settlement, etc. I took the opportunity to describe narcissism, explain how it affects the negotiations, what his reactions may be, that they had to lead the discussions because he would attack anything I said. Point is: they believed me and so I have had some say about it in court. I do bring it up now and again and it is never contested by his attorney, but I have to keep it in check so the N tourettes doesn’t take over. Lol!

  6. Z,

    It’s so good to hear that your statements about narcissism are being met with respect. Maybe the tides will slowly turn if more of us mention narcissism with attorneys/lawyers/judges.

    We can hope.

  7. All funny, the Escalade one is my favorite! :)

  8. NM,

    Kids have such a fun perspective.

  9. These are brilliant! I wish I had their insight 15 years ago :)

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