Take a Left at the Coke Can

Take a Left at the Coke CanI’m in need of a bright spot.   I’m struggling with getting back in the groove after spending a couple relaxing days in the woods.

The forwarded email about what animals look like when they see you naked had the three of us giggling.  The dish of strawberries and whipped cream perked up Will.  Jenny’s busy making a Sherlock Holmes doll, so she’s in a craft-induced focus.

The forecasted 98 degree temps are wilting the energy.

I could surf and find bright spots or I could create my own.


Here’s a smattering of OHs (Over Heards) from this weekend:


“Don’t play Speed with her, she always wins.”

“How many hours can that kid fish in a day?”

“Am I reading too much?”

tiny orange mushrooms

“Check out those tiny orange mushrooms.  The fairies that live under there must be Broncos fans.”

“How come I hate the killing part, but I don’t mind holding the fish once it’s dead?”

“Is it good luck if a butterfly lands on you?”

“How can that caterpillar move that fast?  What’s the rush, anyway?”

wine bottle bouquet

“Could you two hurry up and finish that wine?  We wanna use the bottle for our bouquet.”

“Where’s Will?”  “He’s fishin’.  You’ll find him if you take a left at the Coke can.”


Might need to head back to the hills with more Coke and another bottle of wine.



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  1. Pat,

    Those kids crack me up.

  2. Fantastic! We just returned from a couple of days at the farm. This is a B&B farm, not one that requires chores, but there are cows and a couple of pigs. We had a 1bedroom cabin to ourselves and run of the property. Fishing, kayaking, hiking, swimming… It was a total indulgence, but we needed that. Now we sit here all day not caring to do a thing. :) #whenmomandkidareintroverts

  3. Z,

    Oh, that sounds delicious. I’m thrilled you got away.

    My two sat on the couch for the better part of yesterday, working on projects. Jen is making a Sherlock Holmes doll. Will is making spinners. Who knew they would both end up loving crafts with beads?! I think the level of summer activity is kicking their butts. Will recently admitted that he thinks he’s a bit more introverted than extroverted. Interesting…

  4. I suspected that all along. Skiing and golfing are independent sports. And he is quite reflective for a 16 year old man-child. :)

  5. Z,

    You said a mouthful there. ;)

  6. I do that from time to time. Lol

  7. I love these!! My favorite is the Bronco fan fairies. : ) Thank you for the smiles!

  8. Lynn,

    And thank you for being here. ;)

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