Cold Beauty

snowy villageIt was cold that morning at 6:30.  I turned on the kitchen light to make coffee and the thermometer told me it was -7.  The fire had gone out.  By the time Will shuffled out into the living room, the sun was turning the snow into shaved sparkles.  He thought we ought to go out and take pictures.  I told him I’d go out when it warmed to 5 above.

A bowl of oatmeal and five layers of clothes later, we grabbed our cameras and opened the front door to a blast of frozen air.  There’s an indescribable quiet that comes with snow fall.  Maybe that’s what makes winter bearable for this INFJ.  The only sounds were coming from our boots as they made new crunching tracks in the fluff, and the honks of the Canadian Geese as they flew low over the Missouri.

different pathsJen had received a new computer from the frozen UPS lady the night before.  Even though she’d normally be the first out in the freeze to take pictures, she opted to stay behind and get acquainted with Speedy – the name she’d given her new Toshiba.

Will and I immediately set out on different paths.  We’d each snap a couple photos, exclaim to the other about the view, and then cross each other’s path to take a photo of what the other had witnessed.  Later, when we viewed our shots, I was surprised to see how similar our perspectives were.  I’m sure it won’t be that way for long.

snowy eleganceI’ve noticed that as each year passes, it takes me a few more days to get acclimated to the arrival of the cold.  The first week or so finds me standing next to the wood stove, kvetching over too many cups of coffee.  Then the day will come when I drag my butt outside, breathe the cold, take a few pictures and wonder how anyone could happily live without four seasons.  And, yes, I’ve been known to bitch at the slow arrival of spring, when I’m sure I’ll die if I have to shovel the walks one more time.  At least the seasons give me something to complain about, besides narcissism. ;)

frosted grass



Will and I hiked to the top of the hill to get a view of the river.  As we stood and let our eyes adjust to the sparkles, I saw two white tails – a doe and a buck – sprint down the hill and head for the play structure.  The cold didn’t seem to bother them at all, as they relished having the structure all to themselves.  Will got a picture.  I was too busy contemplating the impossibility of those deer warming up without mugs of hot chocolate.

As I inhaled the cold and felt my lungs revolt, I wondered how I could be preoccupied with narcissists and their B.S. when there is so much cold beauty to enjoy.

Perhaps the deer might have a few tips on the value of play in a simple happy life…

or maybe I already know.

frosted sphere





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  1. I love your cold snow post. In my mind I can feel and hear and see the picture you paint. Thanks for this, Jesse. It was beautiful…

  2. I find myself wondering the same thing fairly frequently. It makes me feel a bit sorry for them that the same beauty probably doesn’t even register for them. At least I can recognise and appreciate it, he can’t take that away even though he’s tried his hardest!

    The photos are beautiful. We are coming into summer here and this post made me kind of wish for snow (not that it snows at home!) but I’m the same and I do love having 4 seasons to enjoy, although not so much when we get them all in the same day :)

  3. Pat,

    As I post your comment, Will is outside taking photos. Good that he knows what his passions are. :)

  4. JJ,

    I think of that a lot – about how much the narcissists miss out on. And I have been known to spend way too much time feeling sorry for them. And then I remember that those things we hold dear aren’t even on their radar.

    Glad you like the photos! I can relate. Here in Montana, we are known for getting all four seasons in one day, too.

  5. It is really beautiful. Makes me want to hibernate and do some kind of anti-snow dance all at once. :)

  6. Z,

    I know. I know. I do that anti-snow dance a lot starting in about March. It isn’t pretty. ;)

  7. Jesse,

    These photos are breathtakingly beautiful!! I am tickled to know I am not the only one to use the word “kvetching.” I love that word!

    I am praying the moments of splendor far outweigh the difficult moments for you and yours this winter!

    Warm wishes . . . on a cold winter night.

  8. Lynn,

    Oh! imagine the kvetching we could do if/when we meet IRL!

    Hugs to you and yours!

  9. Jesse,

    OMG I get giddy just thinking about it!! IRL–one of these days!

    Hugs back . . . : )

  10. Lynn,

    I have a manifesting list – it’s short. Not a bucket list or anything like that. No desire to sky dive or see Machu Picchu.

    Prominent on my list is a Thriver Get-Together. My goal is to manifest enough funds to get every one of us in the same place for a long weekend.

    I’ll get there.

  11. Jesse,

    Count me in!! That is a fantastic idea!!

    I will be pondering the possibility while working on thriving!

    All the best always . . . Hugs

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