House with a View

house with a view“I want a house with a view.”

“Yeah, a view is a great thing.”  The bartender dried a rocks glass and placed it on the shelf.  “Tell me, how does a house with a view improve your life?”

“I dunno about other folks, but I’ve got a friend who has a nice place on a hill, and every time I go there, I’m energized.”

“What energizes you?  The view?  The height above everyone else?  The size of the place or his giant TV?”

He picks up the beer bottle in front of him and sets it back down before taking a drink, “I’m not sure.  It’s not a fancy place.  Sure the view is amazing, but it’s something else.  I can’t put my finger on it.”

“Does your friend seem happier because he has a house with a view?”

“I guess not.  He’s got the same work hassles and relationship issues that I do.”

The bartender pours a glass of wine for an order, “So… having a view hasn’t solved all his problems.  Maybe it’s not about envying the view but more about how you feel when you are at his house.  Do you feel awake there?”

“Yeah, my mind empties and I’m able to see things clearly.  You know – big picture stuff.  I figure out what’s bugging me at work.  I see how my wife is irritated and what I might do about that, you know…  if I was inclined to wanna do something about that.”

The bartender laughs as he opens a beer.  “And you attribute this clarity to the view?  Do you feel that way anywhere else?”

“Since you mention it, yeah, I feel that way when I’m fishing.  But that’s weird cuz my favorite fishing hole is down in a canyon and there’s a view of the river but that’s it.  So, yeah…  it’s not about a view.  And just ask my wife, it’s not about a house.”

The bartender walks to the end of the bar to take an order.  When he returns he says, “So, it’s not about a view or a location.  It’s not about a different house.  Could be that it means you need to get out of your rut more often.  Shake things up and get a new perspective.”


“My wife’ll be glad to hear that I don’t want a new house with a view.  She likes the place we’re in.  She might not be thrilled to hear that I’m going fishing more often.  But you’re right – getting out of my rut makes me appreciate my rut more.  So to speak.”

The bartender pours a shot, “I’d like to think I was a little more eloquent than that, but thanks.”  He reaches for a bottle of wine, “You could tell her it’s either a new big screen TV or more fishing trips.”

“So over two beers, you managed to save me from a new mortgage, helped me see how to keep my wife happier, and you got me more fishing trips.  Anybody ever tell you you’re a genius?”

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  1. Hee-hee… He got a little smarter and didn’t even realize it! I wonder if that bartender’s name is Jesse. It’s a genderless name, you know.

  2. This makes me smile. The bartender as a therapist. The patron appreciating what he’s got and realizing the fix is really quite simple. So perfect. Thanks for sharing this beautiful story!

  3. Pat,

    Well… we learned in a blog post, once awhile ago, that his name is Hank. But I do believe his middle name is Jesse. ;)

  4. Meredith,

    Thanks for chiming in.

    The story is a good reminder, especially at this time of year full of excess.

  5. I love a good view. My surroundings on the inside are just as important as what I see through the window. It doesn’t have to be expensive or perfect, but my home has to feel good to me. I like it cozy and full of my favorite things because it reduces anxiety and helps me focus on what is important at the time. However, I have learned through the years that I can create that just about anywhere by letting my heart guide my decor. :)

  6. Z,

    Nothing better than a cozy nest that creates a soft landing. Home is my favorite place to be.

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