The Bartender

Apr 14

A Little Jack Daniel’s and A Lot of Advice

a little jack daniel's and a lot of advice“What’ll ya have?”

“Jack on the rocks.  And some advice.  Please.”

“Well, the Jack is easy.  We’ll see how I do on the advice.  What’s up?”

“I’ve been seeing an amazing woman.  She’s smart, funny, beautiful, independent.  She has friends and she’s tight with her family.  She’s had a few relationships, so she’s already worked through stuff.  Thing is…  I dunno.”

“Ah….  sounds like I better leave the bottle of Jack right here.  I’ll be back.” Continue reading →

Feb 14

On Our Fickle Self-Esteem

when an original wears an originalA woman walks into a bar…

She self-consciously focuses on her purse as the bartender approaches and asks, “What’ll you have?”

“I’ll have VO and water, please.”

The bartender pulls down a glass, “One of those days, huh?”

She fumbles with her wallet, “Not yet, but it will be by the time my kids get home.  They’re with their dad right now.” Continue reading →

May 12

Trees Need Wind

trees need windA guy walks into a bar…

On his way to finding his favorite stool, he looks around to see if he recognizes any faces.  He waves at Joe, who is sitting in his usual corner, tie undone, disheveled hair, two empties and a new beer in front of him.

He could go talk to Joe, but he knows all the stories.  Joe will bemoan the fact that he works harder than anyone else.  He’ll mention – again – that his wife has threatened to leave him.  He’ll wonder why his kids want to have nothing to do with him.

The guy doesn’t need to be the shoulder today, so he smiles at Joe and moves on.

He sees Ellen in the corner, snuggling up to a new victim.  She hikes her skirt up a bit to show more leg as she sips her chardonnay.  The victim has yet to learn that Ellen uses up men at the same pace that she sips her wine.  The guy walks by their table just as Ellen leans her shoulders back in an effort to let her blouse fall open just enough. Continue reading →