From my Webster’s College Dictionary, the word epiphany is defined as:

1.  an appearance or manifestation of a deity.
2.  a sudden, intuitive perception of or insight into reality or the essential meaning of something ….

The first time I heard Mark use the word epiphany I winced.  He pronounced it epipha-ME.

I let it slide.  Surely it was a simple mistake.  It was kind of cute.

The second time he said epipha-ME I figured I should spare him any embarrassment in case he used that word with somebody else.  I ever-so-gently corrected him.  I even spelled the word for him so that he would remember that the word ends in ny, not ME.

He didn’t say, “Are you sure?  Really?  Oh, that’s embarrassing.”  He just ignored me.  I know he must have thought, “Well, I’m never wrong.  She’s got to be wrong.”

Epipha-ME still pops out of his mouth every once in awhile, even as recently as yesterday at our daughter’s birthday party.

Given the definition of the word, and the nature of his disorder, I’m starting to think that it really is epipha-ME.

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