Livin’ The Dream

bloomingI really don’t like grocery shopping.  That’s a bit of an understatement.  I always go to the same place, so I can put it on auto-pilot.  I know where everything is.  I look at my list.  I get it done.  But, the folks that work at the place where I shop are a nice bunch.  They are quick to greet and say ‘hello’.  There’s a new guy in the produce section.  He’s young and enthusiastic, and he’s embracing the store’s obvious policy for placing emphasis on customer service.  The first time I saw him, he was working with the apples and oranges, turning them to make them look more appealing.  He glanced my way, and with a pleasant smile said, “Hi.”  I asked him how he was doing, in that sometimes  mindless way that I answer greetings.  He chuckled a bit and said, “Livin’ the dream!”  I was taken by surprise with that response.  It wasn’t the usual, “Fine.  How are you?”  In fact, I remember thinking, “Really?  You dreamed of being the produce guy?”

“Livin’ the dream” requires knowing what your dream is.  Maybe he did dream of being the produce guy.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  He’s a lot further along than those of us who are still trying to figure out what our dream is.  Could be he’s a wise old soul that has figured out that it doesn’t have a whole lot to do with a dream or a goal.  It’s more about embracing good work, good friends and family, and  keeping your mind open  to learning  new things.  I’m secretly  starting to think  that all that stuff about  ‘enjoying the journey and not the goal’  is really true.  Plus, it takes the  pressure off  of me for still  not having  figured out  what my dream is.  Yikes.  I can’t believe that enjoying the journey could even mean finding something positive about grocery shopping.  Although, some of those chance encounters with others at the grocery store can be pretty fun.

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to that expression, “Bloom where you’re planted.”  You can run from problems, and end up in a new neighborhood with different versions of the same problems.  Or, you can stay where you are and develop the skills necessary to deal with whatever life puts in front of you.  It seems the real trick is realizing that while the grass has a lot of weeds in my little yard, it’s still pretty green.  Some days it may seem like the turf would be more lush some where else, but I’m betting there’s still going to be a few weeds.  I’ve also noticed, however, that having narcissists to deal with on a regular basis is a lot like having some really wicked weeds in the yard.  I’m not ready to pull out the Roundup, yet.  But there are days when a hoe and a rake just don’t cut it.

I don’t know if the produce guy dreamed of sorting fruits and vegies.  I suppose that one day I could strike up a conversation and ask him.  Maybe I’ll do that on a day when Jen and Will aren’t with me.  I don’t need to embarrass them any more than I already do.  But, it’s sweeter thinking that maybe this pleasant young fellow has mastered the art of  “Blooming where he’s planted.”  Or maybe there’s some sort of natural high to be gained from working with produce all day.

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  1. And maybe it’s simply fondling all the apples and oranges…

  2. How’s that for deep and insightful… :O)

  3. It could be the fondling. Or maybe the Hokey Pokey really is what it’s all about.

  4. I’ve always believed in the “bloom where you’re planted” philosophy. But being in constant contact with your former garden helps too!

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