Lawyers, Attorneys and Bears – Oh My!

Mark is contesting the parenting schedule – the schedule that he authored.  At the time of our divorce. he penned a parenting schedule with all kinds of flexibility to accommodate his work and play schedules.  I was quick to accept because I knew he wouldn’t demand to see them much.

Apparently that isn’t serving his “need” to see his children more.

He wants to see them every other weekend, every Wednesday, his birthday and some holidays.

No mention of the kids’ birthdays.

No mention of assisting with home schooling.

No mention of the prohibition on overnight stays.

Now I must find a new attorney.

In the meantime, he was supposed to come by to visit the kids before we leave town again.  He wanted to come by “mid-morning”.  He called at 11:15 to see if the kids wanted to do something today.  Will said, “We were expecting you around mid-morning.”  Mark sighed and said, “You guys take awhile to get ready, so I figured there wasn’t any rush.”

I feel as confused as Dorothy.

I hope I can find an attorney that will pick up Mark’s house and drop it on him.

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  1. One of these days he’ll drop the house on himself. Go enjoy yourself!

  2. Get an attorney who specialzes in protecting women and children. Wish I could connect you to the amazing woman who is looking after Rob’s sister right now.

    Enjoy your next holiday! Let it be the deep breath you take before taking on this next battle.

    And keep in mind that you and the kids will eventually get through this.

    Sending lots of love to all of you!

  3. Jesse,

    What a nightmare you have to deal with. It is like he loves the drama, and loves to cause a disruption in everyones lives. He can’t accept a stable situation because he won’t be the centre of attention then (??). Who knows. I feel so bad for you and the children. Even *my* narcissistic ex does not seem nearly as bad as yours (for now). If he turns out to be like Mark I don’t know how I would stand it! I think I would really be wishing he would meet a terrible end.


  4. Sue,

    I often think that if Mark isn’t hearing from us or getting his expected amount of attention, he stirs up the pot to get the focus back on himself. Just like a six year old who may be starving for attention, even bad attention is better than no attention.

    Mark would define a ‘stable’ situation as one where absolutely everything revolves around himself, with no acknowledgment of the cost to others. It doesn’t matter that others give up who they are in service to Mark.

    Mark my words – pun intended ;} – the minute he finds a new potential mate, he won’t give us a second thought. But my karma won’t let me wish that on anyone.

  5. Ugh. So sorry! I can’t even imagine. What a ridiculous emotional drain on everyone (not to mention the financial drain on you). I like what Kate said – let this holiday be the deep breath you take before taking on this fight.

  6. Jessica,

    Yep… all three of us are currently breathing deeply and enjoying every minute. The roller coaster resumes next week.

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