Appreciation for Blessings

Call it gratitude, thanks, or appreciation.

Blessings come in many shapes and sizes.

I am grateful for many things every day, but today I am especially grateful for these blessings.

  • A safe, cozy home – free of judgment and negative energy.
  • Family and friends who infuse our lives with love, humor, skill saws, plumbing knowledge and free labor.
  • A cat who knows when we need extra attention, and doesn’t get too mad at us when we take occasional road trips.
  • The opportunity to let kids be kids in all their exuberance, sweet messiness, and enthusiastically curious selves.
  • The ability to let the kids pick the menu for today’s feast.  (Pot roast, buttery noodles, lasagna, macaroni and cheese and Cheetos – cuz it’s about the getting together and not about forcing kids to eat stuffing made with chunks of gizzard.  Sorry, mom.  But I will miss your stuffing.)
  • The chance to start a new day with grace and integrity even though I blew all my grace and integrity out of the water with Mark a couple days ago.
  • The deep understanding that I am perfect in my whole unique self. I may have a long way to go, but it’s okay if I mess up, and the important thing is that I keep trying.
  • The insightful, often funny, warm and encouraging comments from all the caring individuals who read this blog.
  • Two amazing kids – one tucked under each arm – who chose to make this journey with me.
  • That look in the eye of someone who knows you, understands you, and loves you anyway.
  • Second chances.
  • The quiet moment to sit down with a fresh cup of coffee and laugh, after the mountain of holiday dishes are done.
  • Leftover lasagna instead of leftover turkey.

Happy Thanksgiving, dear friends!




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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you my dear friend and your darling wee ones. I am cooking the bird, the dressing, the spuds, the sweet potatoes, the broccoli, the salad, the cranberries, the pies, cleaning the house, scrubbing the toilets, setting the table, curling my hair, changing my flour smudged shirt and enjoying it……. Having my brother over and his family. We need this holiday to sit back and know what is important.
    Your Lasagna sounds divine………
    Love you…..

  2. Annie,

    Love you and your beautiful, wacky, crazy life.

    Please save me a piece of turkey. ;)

  3. Great Post!! Happy Thanksgiving my dear to you and your troop :). So many great things to be thankful for indeed :). Sending you all continued light, love, & many blessings.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving Jesse!! I am very thankful for you and your writings–your empathy–your encouragement!

    I am very thankful for a home that is now a haven even on the most imperfect days.

    Warm wishes to you and yours for a beautiful holiday season!

  5. Kira,

    We’ve enjoyed having family here all week. Happy exhaustion defines our holiday. How was yours?

    Sending many blessings on their way to you, too. ;)

  6. Lynn,

    Thank you! Hoping you and yours enjoyed a nice Thanksgiving.

    These aren’t the holidays that we (those of us who married narcissists) had planned, but our kids are learning that it is about the love in the normal days and not the expectations surrounding the “special” days that matters most.

    Be well. ;)

  7. I am still in the process of recovering from Thanksgiving, in a good way :). I have devoured so much food, it’s beyond my comprehension LOL. I had taken some time this Thanksgiving to spend some time away in reflection. I sometimes don’t spend enough time appreciating all the goodness around me. I am extremely grateful and humbled this holiday season. Thanks for your kinds wishes. Heading back to MA Monday :(, but am eager for Christmas.

  8. Kira,

    I can relate! The three of us are suffering from a food hangover. ugh! But it was soooo much fun to spend so much time with my brother and his family.

    Have a safe trip home.

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