Mid-Winter Frivolity

I want to see your faces.

I want to give and receive genuine hugs.

I want to hear your stories and connect while looking into your eyes.

I also have a craving for that scritchy feeling of sand under the waistband of my swimsuit.


It’s Friday and winter has me thinking of sand and beaches, so I’m planning our imaginary getaway.


The Thrivers’ Tea Party

I had considered booking a cruise ship, but the whole thing in Italy has me feeling a bit leery of cruising.

I’m going with an all-inclusive resort in Texas (middle of the country and Will loves barbecue) because I can’t afford to do otherwise.  Hell, I can’t afford the all-inclusive in Texas either, but I can dream.  (Apologies to those Thrivers out of the U.S.)

Yes, we will bring kids because – if you can’t tell by this blog – they are my priority.  Besides, I wanna meet yours.

The kids will have tons of fun things to do, soft serve ice cream to slurp, gallons of sunscreen to apply and mountains of sand to track everywhere.

We will have nothing that we have to do.


What There Won’t Be

Motivational Speakers:  At this point, we know what motivates us, and dammit, we are motivated enough.

Yoga Instructors:  I don’t want to feel bad because of my inept Downward Dog.

Comedians:  All of you are funny enough.

Self-help Gurus:  You guys know more about helping yourselves than anyone could possibly tell you.

Spa Treatments:  I don’t want to shave anymore than I already have to.

Shopping Excursions:  Sorry, you can schedule that on your own.  I am allergic to shopping.


What There Will Be

Lounge Chairs:  In the sun, by the pool, on the beach, in circles, under trees – copious amounts of lazy sitting and chatting.

Food and Drink:  Every yummy food you can think of, and stuff you’ve never tried.  There will be barbecue, fresh fish, Tex-Mex, an all night Pizza Bar, made-to-order grilled burgers, heaps of fresh fruit and vegetables and all my favorites for making salads.   We’ll consume good coffee, milk shakes, Earl Grey Tea, wine by the gallon, fruity umbrella drinks, smoothies (so we can pretend to be healthy) and cold beer by the pint.  (Leave your guilt at home, please.)

Pinterest For those who like pictures of beautiful things to spark fun conversations.

Craft Room:  Because Jenny has taught me that years of therapy exist in an afternoon spent creating.  You might dabble in card making, jewelry design, ceramics or knitting.  Maybe you’ll try something different like watercolor painting, photography or candle making.

Journal Keeping:  I won’t make you stay up ’til two in the morning drinking wine, slurring words and crying.  I won’t make you go snorkeling and I won’t make you fish for marlin.  I will make you keep a journal.  I think you know why.

Personality Tests:  We’ll have different versions of personality tests to take because they are fun and revealing.  We’ll laugh at our results and slap our foreheads saying things like, “No wonder I …….”

Photographer:  Don’t squirm, I won’t make you pose for a picture, because I wouldn’t either.  I want candid shots of all of us hugging and chatting and crying and laughing as a record of this momentous occasion.

Divination Room:  Because I love that kind of stuff, whether it works or not.  Runes, Tarot Cards, tea leaves, Palmistry – whatever magical, mystical oracles tickle our fancies.


What To Bring

  • Favorite books for when you’ve lost your voice from excessive laughing and yakking.
  • Sunscreen, swimsuits and a big floppy sun hat.
  • Clothes you feel beautiful in.
  • Journal.
  • Camera.
  • Walking shoes for long walks that bring out the best conversations.
  • Your open hearts, caring souls and wicked senses of humor.


I can’t wait!


*Did I forget anything?





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  1. OMG!! I think you have it covered :) !! As I read this post, I am already envisioning how incredibly fun this thriver tea party would be. Amazing people, laughs, great conversation, good food, and above all relaxation. All that’s left is to set the date. Here’s hoping!!

    P.S Going forward every day off, vacation, retreat, or mere free moment I have, has to incorporate all activities listed above.

  2. I forgot to mention how incredibly great it would be to meet the amazing women who have shared openly and honestly on this site. Look how amazing the power of connection is. Individual narratives shared here have connected this great mass of people. The dream, or rather possibility, of a Thrivers’ tea party only solidifies a connection forged.

  3. That sounds amazing! I love all the activities that would and wouldn’t be going on – that is truly inspired. If this ever happens (in real life, cuz I bet we could do a pretty cool version online if need be) I’ll bring some tarot cards ;-) I have entirely too many decks with faeries (or so my husband tells me LOL) so giving them some use would be awesome!

    Hope all the thrivers have a fabulous weekend ;-)

  4. do you know how happy it makes me that there will be a craft room? ;) Sounds so lovely, and your description of the food made me hungry! **hugs**

  5. Sign me up!

  6. Kira,

    You are right. Again!

    We don’t have to meet on a sandy beach to create these bright spots in our lives. But it sure would be nice to meet the people who so positively impacted my life. ;)

  7. Jenn,

    Can’t wait to see your cards.

    I’ll bring my rune stones.

  8. NM,

    I thought of you when suggesting the card making. ;)

  9. Pat,

    Oh good!

    Would you be interested in sharing your sewing and genealogy expertise with the Thrivers?

  10. The bright spots will indeed continue to shine here, no doubt about that :). The thrivers tea party, I feel, is just another bright spot to look forward to.

    Its always great to encounter in person those who have so deeply impacted our lives. It kind of brings the relationship, the journey full circle.

    The incredible thing about this connection bit, is that even without the physical meeting, you can continue to cultivate and nurture these relationships. We express our gratitude in words, by our shared experience. The power of that is beyond measure.

    The thrivers tea party will be something that we hold onto, the icing on the cake. It can be where we all meet, the grand destination on the path

  11. The only thing I would include would be an evening sans kids, so we can sit in a sacred circle of our sisters and say what is on our hearts.

    Then back to the party!

  12. K,

    I like that. And I like having a sweet thing to look forward to.

  13. Donna,

    Oh honey!! When I listed the fun things for kids, I assumed they’d be having so much fun, that I’d have to hunt mine down to give them a kiss.

    Oh – every night they will be hanging with their new friends, chaperoned by only the most fun camp leaders.

    While I’m bringing my kids, I want lots of alone time with all of you. I see myself tucking my two in, and heading back to the circle by the fire. ;)

  14. In hill country, there are very cool summer camps for the kids! We could all volunteer a little bit (they definitely do ALL those crafts, have horseback riding, hiking, river fun, etc) and then have time to ourselves while they explore with the camp staff. Plus, it’s the most beautiful place in Texas!

    Don’t forget the Dr. Pepper with a twist of lime….it’s a Texas thing. If you haven’t already, try it! Trust me. (there is even a facebook page for it!) And I have found the best margaritas are born there….

  15. Z,

    And Shiner Bock!

    Can’t wait to try Dr Pepper with lime.

  16. Oh yes, Shiner Bock!
    Brisket, fresh Gulf shrimp, oysters, and breakfast taquitos! Now you have me craving…

  17. Z,

    If I tell Jenny about horseback riding in the Hill Country; and then I tell Will about the brisket, well… I’m committed.

  18. It would almost stack up to field trips at Yellowstone…ok, maybe not, but a cultural lesson would be in it for sure. :)

    A good read for mom is Larry McMurtry’s “Walter Benjamin at the Dairy Queen” He captures the essence of Texas like no other…and mentions the Dr. Pepper with lime!

  19. Z,

    Definitely checking that one out. I enjoy memoirs.

    So how come you know so much about Texas?

  20. My mom has lived in Corpus Christi for over 20 years. My sister went to college in Seguin (San Antonio), was a summer camp counselor in the hill country, and lived in Houston for about 3 years. I lived there for 3 years a while back so was able to take advantage of their experiences. When I was still in Illinois, I would drive down to Corpus. It takes 8-10 hours to get there after you arrive in Texas! I saw a lot of Texas. lol! :)

  21. Z,

    I toured a winery once in the Hill Country. I’ve always wanted to spend a bit more time there.

    ahem… not necessarily at the winery, but you know what I mean. ;)

  22. Yes…please!!! I threw an absolute fit this past Sunday because I had to do things..like everyday grown-up chores and errands and everything inside me is crying out for rest and play…

  23. You’ll have to show me the winery. I haven’t been, in Texas, anyway. ;)

  24. E,

    Go easy on yourself. ;)

    Ever wonder why nobody tells us – when we’re kids – what it’s really like to be a grown-up?

  25. Z,

    More and more, with what you’ve been writing, I think the Hill Country is the place.

  26. I am already there!!!! : )

  27. Lynn,

    When I read your comment, I said, “Whew!” – out loud. Jenny said, “What? What’s up?” I said, “I hadn’t heard from Lynn, but she’s gonna be there!”

  28. Thanks Jesse : ). Things have been crazy–juggling things–trying to get through the long process, which you painfully know. The legal stuff is very draining.

    Thinking of you . . .

  29. PS I love that we are our own comedians–we heal with humor albeit sometimes dark humor. I love that kids are welcome–of course they are!!! I like the coffee/wine supply!! Most of all I love the positive energy and compassion we would all share.

    Oh–one more thing–definitely not a cruise–I would never last and my idea of a holiday is not spent on water–near water great–but not ON water. : )

  30. Lynn,

    Ugh… I know. I’m hoping the process goes as quick as possible.

  31. Lynn,

    Good, then Texas is the place.

    In the meantime, we can continue to support each other in whatever we can.

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