Just a brief update because my head is in the clouds and I can’t articulate well, right now.

It went so damn well that I don’t know where to begin.

I wanted to write a great illustration of what it feels like when things go well.  I wanted to tease, and lead into a story, and draw it out.

But I hate that when someone has something to say, and they won’t cut to the chase.


And I am encouraged.  I’m excited for my kids to talk to her.

I am excited that someone in the business (a counselor) gets me.  She connected with me.  Her cup was open.

I am on the right path.


It feels good.

And for those who like the details, you know I will write tomorrow. ;)

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  1. i am SO happy. I figured it would go well. I was 99% sure. But a little scared too. I am relieved that she KNEW you were telling the truth. Because you did. You are a wonderful mother. And even more than that, you are brave, smart, kind, and strong. And very much loved.

  2. HOT DAMN! The GODS of “Taking care of your kids and being the parent”, were listening today! YIPPEE!!

  3. Phyllis and Annie,


    I was not going to mention NPD today. Who am I to mention that if there hasn’t been an official diagnosis. But I felt really comfortable with her and I brought up narcissism.

    You know what she said? Of course you don’t know. :)

    She said most counselors don’t have a lot of experience with NPD because someone with NPD doesn’t seek counseling.

    I can’t wait to write about it!!!

  4. You were well prepared today with your new found backbone. FINALLY you’re meeting an outsider, a professional, that GETS it! You’re on the road, girl. P.S. You’ve always been an angel for me and I’ve always wanted to be one for you. Glad to see you plowing through this. Love you much.

  5. Thanks, Mom.

    I had a lot of help – from you and everyone else.

    Too bad it took me this long to get your backbone.

  6. This is great news, Jesse! And Mark picked the counselor…. that has GOT to be a SIGN. Can’t wait to hear more about it.

  7. Peg,
    And you know how I am about signs.

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