Sep 14

Pretending I’m Not an INFJ

sun setting on the PacificI didn’t intentionally try to be someone else. Continue reading →

Aug 14

On the Meaning of Life and Other Vague Notions

creek fishin'“What’s the point?” Continue reading →

Aug 14

On Soft Landings and a Rare Night Out

a rare night out“So what if I kept the conversation going on your projects? I’ll ask the questions and then maybe dad will join in. What do you think?” Continue reading →

Aug 14

Take a Left at the Coke Can

Take a Left at the Coke CanI’m in need of a bright spot.   I’m struggling with getting back in the groove after spending a couple relaxing days in the woods. Continue reading →

Aug 14

Random Thoughts at the Five Year Mark

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Aug 14

Will They Think I’m Weird?

Wearing flips in Montana“Will they think I’m weird if I’m repelling off the play structure?”


“The neighbors.”

“They already think we’re weird.”

The three of us were walking across the park to the play structure.  Jenny was carrying a climbing rope and harness.  She’d come up with a new game – strategically place 10 bind weed blossoms and try to retrieve them without letting her feet touch the ground.  In some cases, she needed to repel down and pick up the blossoms because she couldn’t access them from the structure any other way.

Will came along to watch.  “Why do you care what the neighbors think?”

Jenny climbed the stairs of the play structure.  “I don’t.  Really.  Well…  I dunno.  Is this weird?”

It was my job to gather the pink blossoms and place them around the structure.  We had the whole park to ourselves.  The sun was high and hot.  I was wondering how long this was going to take.  “If it’s fun, does it matter if it’s weird?  Well, not too weird, I mean.”  I found two more blossoms, “I hate wearing flips* to the park.  Too many pokeys.”

Will laughed as he tried to fit his long legs and arms into the only bit of shade.  “People aren’t really paying attention to what you are doing anyway.  They’re mostly thinking about how they look and what they are doing.”

I looked up from hiding the last blossom.  “That’s right.  Where’d you hear that?”

“You told me that.”

I squeezed into the shade next to Will, “And you listened?”



*A million years ago, I lived in Redondo Beach for a couple months.  I was asked to show my ID at a shop.  When the cashier saw I was from Montana, he looked down at my feet and said, “Wow! They wear thongs (I told you it was a long time ago) in Montana?”

Jul 14

The Ending

the endingGuest Post by Anonymous Continue reading →

Jul 14

Make a New Bed

make a new bedIf you’ve spent any time in these parts, you know how I feel about making beds, but this morning I had an “epipha-me“.

I was thinking about choices, plans, wrong turns, course corrections and new directions.

There’s an idiom that goes like this:

You made your bed, now lie in it.

My INFJness had my wheels spinning on that one.  Mostly I was thinking about the individual who penned that classic phrase.  How stuck was she, or I suppose it could have been a he?  How dismal to go through life thinking, “This is it.  This is where I am.  This is what I planned for.  I’m here.  Better stick with it.”

How many decide that since they invested so much time in this relationship, or spent so much money on that degree, that they can’t make a choice to do something else?  Even if they aren’t happy in that relationship or with the job that degree landed them, they stick with their choices.

I wish I could have told the person who wrote that idiom,

“If you can make one bed, you can make another.
It’s okay.
Make a new bed.”



Jul 14

A Beginning

George Clooney's crescent wrenchSix months on the other side of divorce, this Thriver has fought the good fight, and now she’s ready to see what’s next. She’s optimistic about whatever the future may hold.  She knows it’s going to be tough to go it alone again, especially while raising a child, but she’s open to possibility and the opportunity to try again. Continue reading →

Jul 14

On Trusting Your Teenager

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESHe’s a teenager. Continue reading →