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Will is still struggling with images of ghosts entering his mind every night at bedtime.  Jenny just cut five inches off her long blond hair.

I’ve been mopping up the mess as best I can.

I’m providing them with lots of distractions – there’s packing to do, new books to check out, sketch books and art supplies to gather and journals to fill.

We are leaving town in search of Spring and a new perspective.

I’m hoping some sun will warm our winter-weary bones, and heal our bruised psyches.

The kids are hoping to see a roadrunner, lizards, a gigantic saguaro cactus, and coyotes howling at the moon.  They plan to golf and ride bikes and stay up late and sit in the sun and read.  Jenny plans to paint a sunset.  Will hopes to take a private golf lesson.

Neither one of us plans to mention narcissism.

Quite frankly, we are sick to death of narcissism.

We aren’t even packing our tool boxes.


You may be interested to know that I did confront Mark about the telling of the scary stories, the ditching of his son at the ski hill and the ridiculousness of critiquing Jenny’s choice in socks.

He denied everything.

He waited a couple days.

He called to invite Will to go skiing.  Will got off the phone and said, “Hey, you guys, it looks like everything is fine now, or at least dad thinks so.”

Will’s a wise old soul with a sarcastic streak running through his sense of humor.

Even though they got five inches of new snow, Will opted not to go skiing.  I guess he didn’t want to risk being subjected to more of Mark’s entertaining ghost stories.  Perhaps the boy does value his sleep.

I am not beating my head against the wall, but I am looking forward to getting away from Mark and his antics for a few days.


When we return, there may or may not be snow on the ground.  In any event, we will be that much closer to being able to take pictures – the pictures that will illustrate the message of the book I keep mentioning.

I’m excited to share this with you.  I am proud of the writing.  That’s huge for me to be able to say that.


We are looking to disconnect from a lot of the stresses that we deal with here.  I am going to focus on my kids, relaxation, fresh air, sun and exercise.

I am not taking my computer.  I will miss all of you.  If you choose to comment, I will post all new comments when I return.

I won’t forget you.

I hope to return with a healthier perspective.  (There’s that word, hope, again.)


This morning as I was thinking about writing a quick post to let you know that I would be offline for a couple weeks, I started thinking about the people who read this blog.  There are probably quite a few of you who are living with a narcissist.

I write about the difficulties of life with a non-resident narcissist – the father of my kids.  I know how difficult it was to live with him.  I thank God every day that I no longer live under Mark’s roof.

My heart goes out to each and every one of you who lives day in and day out with a narcissist.

Your bravery, determination and tenacity is a thing to behold.

Sending blessings, sunshine and hugs.


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  1. Have fun. Feel light.

  2. Tina,

    We did have fun. As of this minute, we are clinging to that “light” feeling as if it were our last breath.


  3. YOUR bravery, determination and tenacity is a thing to behold.

    ..and don’t you forget it!

  4. Dee,

    Thanks, dear friend. It’s always good knowing you are in my camp.

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