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I received what I thought was a spam comment, only I wasn’t sure.  It/he/she said, “I can’t view your site from my phone. Help!”  So I got to looking and checking on plugins and upgrades and CSS stuff.  I even considered pursuing a degree in Computer Software or How to Pretend Like You Know What You Are Doing With Computers, and then I thought I’d ask you.

Would you like to be able to view this site on your phone?

What would you like to see here?

Is there a subject you’d like to see discussed?

Are there topics or discussions that you’d like to see more of?

I am loving my random approach to topics, but I always go back to thinking of the survivors out there and the ones who read here.   I want to continue to share the tools that have helped the three of us.

If there’s something that you’d like to see here, that you think would help your corner of the world, please list that in the comment section below.


Thank you, spammer or nice person or whatever you are for asking about how to view this blog on your phone.


One day I might be savvy enough, or even care to want to view a blog on my phone. Don’t hold your breath. I’d have to wrestle my phone away from Will, first.

In the meantime, thank you for reading, commenting, and recommending this blog to your friends. This site only gets richer if more take part in the sharing.

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  1. I always read you on my phone. I don’t have time to read and explore when I’m in front of my computer. But my phone is with me in these spare moments that I find.

  2. Kate,

    I thought of you when I wrote this post. Does that mean you can read the site just fine? Cuz I’d rather put money towards my kids’ college/counseling funds, than a degree in html or CSS.


  3. I am reading your blog from my phone currently as well my dear. Super convenient :)

  4. Kira,

    Thanks. Between your comment and Kate’s, it looks like that was a spam thing after all!

    Good. Saves me some digging! :)

  5. Me too. Reading and commenting just fine from the phone. Right now I’m feeling like I have a charmed life. ;)

  6. Reese,

    I’m delighted for you and your two little ones. Enjoy!

  7. Your site is completely legible on my phone (a BlackBerry) – except my eyes do struggle with the small print on really long comments. However that would just be my age catching up with me! ;-)

  8. Kate,

    I can totally relate. I’ve got the cutest collection of stylish “cheaters”.

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