Not Your Typical Birthday Post

presentsAs I sit here sipping coffee, smelling blueberry pancakes and looking at the birthday presents my kids made and wrapped, I can’t help but think I ought to be writing an inspirational post about what it’s like to be turning 49.  Gasp!

I could write about 49 lessons learned in 49 years.  That might be tricky since many of those lessons I didn’t get the first, second, or even third time, so that list could get pretty redundant.

I could write about being grateful that my mom is still here to make me what I want for my birthday dinner.

I could write about the surprise of my dad remembering my birthday, inviting me to lunch and suggesting that Jen and Will come along, too.

Or, I could mention the amazing growth I’ve experienced in the last few years, from learning all I can about narcissism and how that has helped the three of us.

I could write about how blessed the three of us are with old and new friends, wonderful extended family and the folks who read this blog and contribute to our learning and healing.

But while I’m sitting here waiting for Will to serve me a second pancake, smothered in butter and a splash of real maple syrup, I have to say that I’m wondering if there’s anything to this Rapture/End-Of-Our-Days stuff, that is supposed to happen tomorrow.

I can’t get beyond thinking….


Holy Shit!  If this Rapture stuff is true, I won’t have to spend the whole next year agonizing about turning 50!



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  1. I believe . . . the Rapture/End-of-Our-Days is personal to each individual. But that’s just me …

  2. Jesse,

    This is my very first time commenting on a blog. So I am tiptoeing into this. Happy Birthday!!! May you be blessed with decades more of peace and joy as you care for your children and see them on their way in life. You are giving them so much by being honest, loving, and generous with them. (Generous in spirit, time, energy, and resources,)

    I have been touched by your blog and just recently discovered it. I have had a very painful experience in a long marriage that is crumbling. Your experience is similar to mine. Reading your words gives me hope for better days for my kids and me.

    Keep writing and I will certainly keep reading, thinking, and in time healing.

    My best to you this special day . . .

  3. Pat,

    I’m not worrying about anything ending on Sunday, either.

  4. Happy Birthday! Wishing you forever happiness…

  5. Hi Lynn,


    I’m glad you found us here, but there’s really no need to tiptoe. Lord knows you’ve probably been doing that for a long time at home! ;)

    I’m sorry for what you and your kids have experienced. I hope you get a sense – from what I’ve written – that there is hope for a sunny future. Just tonight I was marveling at how far we’ve come since last Spring. I hope you have friends and family who understand and are supportive.

    Thank you for the kind words and warm birthday wishes.


  6. Zaira,

    Thank you! Wishing you all kinds of happiness, too. ;)

  7. Thank you Jesse.

    Yes, you are absolutely right. We have spent years tiptoeing and navigating an emotional mindfield that was our home. Life is too short for such a “life.”

    We are on a different path now: one that leads to more peace I pray. Thank you for the encouragement.

    I will be reading and recommending your post to others!

    Take care . . .

  8. Rapture. Sat. Sun. Mon., whenever. Just remember Jenny’s advice, “It’s okay to let your hair down parshally, but always keep it up at the same time.” That’s SO Jenny! Love words of wisdom from an 8 year old about life, love, the universe and nature. Hell of a job you’ve done there, girl. LU

  9. Happy belated b-day Jesse! It’s past 6:00 pm on May 21 and we’re still here!

  10. Lynn,

    I love seeing that you are on a different path – one leading to peace.

    Hope to see you here again.


  11. Mom,

    Yep. Some days I think she’s 8 going on 40.

    Thanks for an amazing birthday dinner. ;)

  12. Reese,

    Thanks for the b-day wishes. We made it past 6:00 p.m., too!

  13. Happy Belated Birthday!

    How does it feel to be 49 AND the hottest thing on the web??

    And a soon-to-be-published author??

    An honor and a pleasure to know you!

  14. Donna,


    thank you ;)

  15. Here’s Tina, late to the party as usual.

    Happy (belated) birthday my dear internet friend. May being 49 turn out to be as interesting and life-changing as it is being to me.

    Stay being your wonderful self.

    Much love x

  16. Tina,

    Dontcha know? Some of the most fun people show up late to the party!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes.

    Sending love back ;)

  17. Happy belated birthday Jesse! I am sorry I missed it and so happy we are here on June 6th so that I may wish you a belated happy birthday!

  18. Marci,

    Thanks for stopping by! ;)

  19. Hi Jesse,

    Good thing the Rapture timing is off. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have had a chance to meet you!

    Happy 49th year!



  20. Hey Mitch,

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Happy 50th year, to you!

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