Mom, Why Would Somebody Hack Your Site?

“You guys, the site was hacked.”

“What do ya mean?”

“Somebody found a way to get into the site and change the coding.”

“How do ya know?”

“Aunt Pat called.  She said she tried to open a post through Google Reader and the link to the post said something about Viagra.  The Google search results are saying the site may be compromised.”

“What’s Viagra?”

“It’s a prescription a man might take to make his penis hard.”

“Why would a guy do that?”

“So he can have sex, I guess.”

“You need a prescription to have sex?”



“So what are you gonna do?”

“I’ll have to fix it.  Maybe it’s time to start over.”

“But mom, the blog has helped you and us and other people.  You’ve been working on that for three years.”

“It’ll be okay, mom.  You lead a charmed life, remember.”

“Thanks, guys, but you don’t need to worry about this.  This is my thing to sweat about.”

“It’ll be okay, mom.  I just know it.”


“Mom, you know that stuff you were saying about Mercury in Retrograde?  Is it that?”

“It fits, dontcha think.”


“Why would somebody want to put Viagra on your site?”

“I dunno, honey.”


“Why would somebody hack your site?”

“I dunno.”


“That’s dumb.”


“That’s mean.”


“I know.”

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  1. That’s awful. I’m glad you’ve clearly got it back up and running, though. You would have been dearly missed.

  2. Very dumb, very mean, and I continually wonder why hackers do what they do. Now, facebook came from hacking, but this…this is a waste of time. ;)

  3. Meredith,

    Thanks so much for saying that.

    I’m not positive it’s cleaned up, but it’s still accessible if one avoids Google to get there.

  4. Z,

    Kids with way too much time on their hands. They could clean their rooms or mow the lawn or flip burgers or something….


  5. I love that your kids clearly enmeshed themselves in the problem solving process. They are simply too cute, wanting to make sure everything gets back to tip back shape, and that you are okay. I feel so bad, & hope full resolve is in full view soon. I like Will’s reminder about you living a “charmed life”. I have a feeling that those hackers will be met with full karma fury :). Hopefully this setback has not caused too much stress for you. I am glad to see you still here, and the site up and thriving. You would be terribly missed here, just in case you didn’t know.

    Love & light Jesse.

  6. “You lead a charmed life, remember.” <–Classic ;).

    Glad the damage was/is minimal. It's sad that if you've spent time online, chances are your number comes up.

    It's an awful feeling for sure. Someone hacked into my website last year, and I can't leave comments on certain sites b/c I end up in the spam file. It was weird to link to websites (found through my analytics) and see someone using my URL in comments section. The only saving grace was the avatar used–a very "Kim Kardashian-esque" image…:).

    Hacking–It's dumb, it's mean, it's inevitable.

  7. Kira,

    Thanks, dear. I appreciate your support, but you know that. ;)

    You know, funny thing… I haven’t been that stressed about this whole hacking mess. 50 is a good age. It’s easier to figure out what’s important.

    Love to you, too.

  8. Linda,

    Dang. I wish my hacker had assigned me a different avatar. Hm…. Blonde? Redhead? Guy? I dunno….

    That would have made this a bit more fun. ;)

  9. I am glad to hear no major time was spent stressing over situation. Less stress always equates to a better outcome I like to think anyway. I think your on to something in terms of age! I like to think we get wiser, & learn what’s worth really stressing over. Gotta spend our good energy on what’s important, what we can control right?

    The avatar switch a roo, could of been big fun :)

  10. Kira,

    I might have to switch my avatar on my own. ;)

  11. But why? You are GAWGUS just the way you are, hon!

  12. So glad you are back up and running. Kids! At least they keep us real! :)

  13. Z,

    That made me laugh! Thanks. ;)

  14. NM,

    Still ironing out some kinks, but that only gets done after the important stuff is handled. You know…. laundry, grocery shopping, meals, filming Will’s golf swings and restocking Jen’s craft supplies.

  15. I feel ya, blog time for me always comes after what I call “critical mass.” all those things definitely sound critical to me! :)

  16. NM,

    Still cleaning up the blog mess. You can’t see it if you have me favorited or bookmarked or whatever.

    And if you do have me in your favorites, THANK YOU. ;)

  17. Hi Jesse,

    I am sorry for the trouble with your site–and so glad you are back. I really hate that sort of thing. It is so unnecessary and such a waste of energy.

    Thanks for being here!

    Cheering for you and yours always!

  18. Lynn,

    Thank YOU for being here.

    Hugs ;)

  19. Sorry to hear you were hacked! I’m glad you had a backup of your blog. Looks like the older WordPress framework is susceptible to these Viagra link hacks. What’s with spammers and hackers liking Viagra anyway?!

  20. Pink,

    I could write something crass about hackers and sex drive, but I don’t wanna get hacked again. ;(

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