The Journey

“”Honey, the mediation spa that you made out of popsicle sticks didn’t do so well in the storm last night.  I love that thing.  Would you mind getting the hot glue gun out and putting it back together?”

“I could, but I’ve got other projects going on.”

“Okay.  I was thinking the spa was too wonderful to give up on, but if you are cool with it, I am.”

“Mom, it’s about the journey, not the goal.”


That’s when you know they listen.

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  1. I love this . . . we learn from them. We pray they learn from us the good bits we try to so hard to pass on to them. Jesse, you are an amazing Mom . . . whatever you are doing is working. Your two jewels are growing with grace, humor, and wisdom that will give them such strength and resources as they build their lives.

    Hats off to you . . . and them!!! xoxo . . .

  2. Lynn,

    Geez. Thanks.

    I only hope they learn as much from me as I do from them.

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