On Resiliency

Last night, no amount of bathroom humor would tease her out of her funk.  She plotted a daughter’s revenge – cryptic drawings on paper that would then be tossed in the wood stove.

I asked if she wanted to have a slumber party in my bed.  “I’ll tickle your back.  You can tell me anything or nothing at all.”

She brushed her teeth.  I braided her hair.   She pushed the cat aside and crawled in my bed and said, “I’m sick of all of this.”




Today she discovered how to make different sizes of paper frogs.  She colored them brightly and called them Baby and Mommy and one of them was even Dad.  Right now she’s beating her brother at a dice game, and when a favorite song comes on Pandora, she dances by me twirling and whirling and smiling and not thinking about anything but good stuff.


That is the resiliency of kids.


That is the roller coaster of life.

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  1. Poor sweetie having a bad day. Tell her I still think she is an Art Goddess!

    Lovin’ the frogs. <3

  2. Donna,

    She loved hearing that. Thank you.

    Art heals. ;)

  3. It DOES heal! :) I love that. She needed her time, Mom. You knew just what she needed. She is going to be such a strong woman someday. *hugs*

  4. NM,

    She is one tough cookie. ;)

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