Narcissist Quotes

The healthiest way to survive a narcissistic relationship is with a wicked sense of humor.

This page is dedicated to the incredibly ridiculous, bizarrely outrageous things that only a narcissist would say.

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You know we’ll believe you.

Let’s keep the quotes on the lighter, funny side.  This will be for survivors who truly want a good laugh.

You may submit anonymously if that makes you more comfortable.


Here are a few for starters:

“You were a lot more fun as a girlfriend.”

“You mean to tell me that Jenny’s coming down with a cold?  I just kissed her!”

“You guys will want to be sure and run out and get the Sunday paper.  I’m going to be in it.”

“Your car needs a new air filter.  I’ll put that on your list for Christmas presents.”

“I’m tired of your winter coat.  Why don’t you give me your Christmas Bonus and I’ll order a new one for you.”

“Are you at all interested in how this situation is going to benefit me?”

“I think the problem here is that I need more control.”

“I’ll go to counseling and support you in your efforts to find out what’s wrong with you.”


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